Written by: steve ross on March 19th 2011

A natural question when you look at a site might be, "how did they build that"? It as evolved over time and the answer is that this is one of my technology playgrounds. I've transitioned from Ruby on Rails to a Rack-based blog engine called Toto.

Here are the top-line technologies involved in this site:

That's it in a nutshell. All page content is statically created and checked into git. All I have to do is git push, and a new version of the articles gets pushed to the server.

The follow-up question is, "if you're such a Rails guy, how come this isn't still in Rails?" And the answer is simple: Rails is way too big a hammer for a simple little programmer's blog. Wordpress is too big a hammer. All the major blogging engines are bloatware for blogging. So, save the servers and stop using heavy tools for light applications!

Note: Toto still doesn't work with Sass which is a crying shame, but not to be deterred, I simply created a shell script called sassify, which looks like this:

sass ./public/css/sass/$1.sass > ./public/css/$1.css

Then, from the root of my project, I can just do:

./sassify application

and my sass template, application.sass is compiled into css. This is a really crude workaround, but until I get a chance to change Toto, it'll have to do!